MCC South Africa Restructuring

Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (MCC-SA) is currently being restructured due to the close of the branch in Johannesburg in March 2017...

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Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a technology driven company focusing on the construction and mining industries and has been manufacturing and supplying South Africa’s major growth industries for nearly three decades with products, technical experience and service.

The company draws its raw material both locally and internationally, giving it the capability of developing cost effective, tailored solutions for local conditions. The company has a full research and developing centre, physical concrete testing laboratory, comprehensive manufacturing facilities and quality assurance programmes, all backed by highly motivated employees.

Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (Pty) Ltd manufactures a large range of products for both the Civils and Building Industries, the Mining Industry, as well as a full range of Tiling Products.

The tiling products include seven different cementitious based Tile Adhesives, a full range of coloured grouts, different liquids (Bonds and Primers) and other related products.

• Mining products and surface application
• Water proofing
• Polyurethane and Polysulphide sealants
• Aerated foams for void filling and ventilation walls
• Low density aerated mortars
• Epoxy coatings and screeds
• Non-shrink grouts
• Industrial floor hardeners
• Admixtures
• Maintenance and repair products for concrete

Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (Pty) Ltd has its own manufacturing plant and all products have been tested and comply with the stringent quality assurance programme required by the South African Bureau of Standards. All production and testing programmes comply with the local and international testing standards. Our products are guaranteed when used in accordance with correct product application and instruction procedures.

Should any failure occur related to the product, Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to inspect the possible cause of failure and will not accept any liability should it be determined that incorrect application procedures were carried out.

Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (Pty) Ltd technical department will assist with technical information for determining the correct product for specific applications.



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