MCC South Africa Restructuring

Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (MCC-SA) is currently being restructured due to the close of the branch in Johannesburg in March 2017...

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The following product files are available for download as printable pdf documents, simply click on the product you are interrested in to download:


» Multi Skim Coat 409 - Cementitious Skim Coat
» Multi Concrete Surface Dressing 1020 - Decorative Concrete Surface Dressing
» Multiplast 1038 - Modified Cementitious Fibred Polymer Structural Mortar for Concrete Repairs
» Multi Mix and Fix 1045 - Chemical Set Mortar for High Early Strength Repairs
» Multi Mix and Fix 1045P - Chemical Set Mortar with Pea Gravel for High Early Strength Repairs in thick     sections
» Multi Featheredge 1050 - Permanent Thin Concrete Repairs
» Multi Floorcoat 1055 - Concrete Hardening and Dust-proofing Liquid
» Multibond SBR 1070 - Polymer Latex for Cementitious Waterproofing and Bonding Systems
» Multi Featheredge Acrylic 1080 - An Acrylic / Powder Floor Leveling and Patching Compound
» Multi Self Levelling Screed TS - Self Levelling Floor Screed
» Multi Self Levelling Screed UL - Self Levelling Floor Screed


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