MCC South Africa Restructuring

Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (MCC-SA) is currently being restructured due to the close of the branch in Johannesburg in March 2017...

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The following product files are available for download as printable pdf documents, simply click on the product you are interrested in to download:


» Multi Durascreed 50 - Natural Aggregate Screed for Floor Repairs and Overlays
» Multi Durashake 60 - Natural Aggregate Concrete Floor Hardener, 2-3 times greater wear resistance
» Multi Durashake 65 - Natural Aggregate Pigmented Concrete Floor Hardener 2-3 times greater wear     resistance
» Multi Armourfloor 100 - Metallic Aggregate Floor Hardener. Provides 4-8 times greater wear resistance
» Multi Armourfloor Coloured 110 - Pigmented, Metallic Aggregate and Abrasion Resistant Floor Hardener
» Multi Armourscreed 120 - Malleable Iron and High Impact Resistant Floor Screed
» Multi Metal Joint 121 - Quick Setting Malleable Iron Aggregate Mortar for joint repair applications
» Multi Floor Coat 1060 - Concrete sealer and hardening liquid for standard and pigmented hardened     floors
» Multi Curing, Stripping and Sealing System - System for curing, stripping, and sealing pigment hardened     concrete floors


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